Descent 2

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Interplay First Person Futuristic Shooter Simulation Sci fi

The classic continues

Descent is a kind of game that will influence a whole era and set a footpath for action games of the future. Descent 2 continues that path. A true 3D action shooter game, Descent 2 is set in space, with you in a huge and very complicated maze that you have to find your way out of. Each of the many levels is set in a mine which is inside an asteroid. The goal is to get out of there, while killing aliens that come at you and solving puzzles without which you can't go out. Descent 2 is rather more like an expansion to Descent than a stand alone game, since it uses the same engine and graphic interface, while the only new things are a few weapons and more powerups. The graphics themselves are fantastic, and what makes this game truly remarkable is the complete movement freedom ingame. You have six full degrees of freedom, meaning that you can turn anywhere you want. There is no up-down-left-right. Your movement is expanded tenfold, making the game run a lot smoother and faster. In any case, Descent 2 is a worthy sequel and definitely one of the best FPS games out there.

The Best of the Descent Series

Every level is inside a mine in an asteroid. This is a first-person space shooter of course, but the real hook of this game is that you are solving puzzles and fighting robots to get through a very complicated 3D maze that HAS NO TRUE UP OR DOWN AT ALL. This is a true 3D game. The maze, the bad-guys, the missiles flying at you, you name it, they are coming at you from any direction at all. Unlock the doors, kill the robots, set off the reactor, and get out. North-South-East-West-Up-Down etc. none of these matter. You have to think in true 3D.

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