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Beautiful space fighter with lots of customizations

Freespace is the first in a series that was really well looked upon back in the day. It sort of achieved a bit of cult following, and it did so because it was very interesting overall, it was the kind of game that was fun to play, simple, yet not dumb. It lured you in and after you were ready to take the experience to a higher level it game you the tools to take it up and to have more out of it. The game also has a story, which, considering its action based premise manages to be deeper than you'd expect it to be. As such, Freespace is the kind of game that really makes space flight and space fighting really stand out, in an envelope that really works well for itself. Graphically, we are looking at a polished 3D game that has not a lot of diversity (after all the void of space can only be black!) but it nonetheless packs a lot where its supposed to do so. So give it a go, see for yourself. Alternatively, see Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, an older game, but one that knows how to make itself liked as well.

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