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The car business through time

Detroit has a pretty interesting and original aspect to the car industry - you are in 1908 and in charge of a car manufacturing company. As head man, you have to think of the best way to produce and advertise the best car in both design and performance. There is also budgeting to think of, and testing and researching, naturally. As the years go by, you have to keep your industry alive and kicking, keeping up with the times and constantly plan and design newer and better cars. You can't fall astray from the competition except to be the very best. And that continues for a hundred years, until this day. The game follows the historical development of car production very faithfully while at the same time providing fun and challenge to the player. There is no need to mention the graphics or the sound system, since neither are actually very great and neither are that relevant when the game is that good. If you like business management game (Oil Imperium, where you concentrate on the oil business), you will probably like Detroit.

This game rules

This game rules. It is one of the best business games made ever even to 2009. It has more depth, and completeness of reports, information on markets and your business, complexity than almost anything ever made since or better. I so wish other business games would even try to live up to its standard.

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