Indycar Racing 2

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Still induces a (mild) adrenaline rush

The Indy name elicits many interesting responses from the people that used to be drawn into the racing world of the 90s, both digital as well as real world. You see, Indy was almost a synonym to motorsport, what we now think of as Formula 1 is what Indy Racing was to the 90s. In this context, the second IndyCar Racing game, also known as CART RACING (due to licensing issues experienced by the developer) is a good example of that racing games were like in the middle of the 90s. The game featured an impressive array of cars, drivers and engine manufacturers, and at the time, each one was simulated quite closely, given what the era engines were capable of simulating. Today, the game feels a bit stiff, though, if you're fond of DOS games and especially racers, you will not be disappointed. You will have the option of playing a single race game, going for a championship season or even for pre-season testing, a sort of single race, only that at the end of it you can change the settings of your car and save them for future use. Overall, the game can still be fun today but it will feel a bit quirky at times. Remember that it is a simulation game at its heart, so control is going to be challenging. This is not the full throttle game where you never take the foot (finger) off the accelerator; instead you have to approach each turn carefully and to plan the attack of every curve properly.

My favorite racing game

My all time favorite racing game! So the graphics aren't that good now, but they were back then on the old VGA monitor. You could race your friend via modem. You could set up the car for each track you raced on. You could radio your pit, while you were racing, and tell them you want a wing adjustment, tires, how much fuel, BEFORE you actually got in the pit. Where is that on GT4? In many ways, this game is STILL better than any racing game out there. If only Sierra would re-issue this game to work on XP.

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