Pro-Pinball: TimeShock!

Simulation 1997 Dos Dosbox Empire Interactive Pinball Futuristic Action

When digital pinball becomes an adventure!

Pro-Pinball: TimeShock! Is a really challenging, extremely well produced and also really, for a lack of a better word, rad, experience, one that will take you back in time, will allow you to play in that pseudo 3D world and really forget about your allotted 5 minutes. At its best pinball is a lights and mechanics fest, and this game will remind you of that: this is a digital game that is as colorful and as good looking as you'd ever want a pinball experience to be, offering you hours upon hours of fun. Yeah, we all cut our teeth on Space Kadet and some of the older ones of us maybe saw some of that 80s real brick and mortar arcade world, but now that exact experience can be had with this fully 3D game, which, in all honesty has aged much better than expected. Another great thing is that, while the visual presentation if all glimmer and spark, the physics that drive this beast forward are simulated to perfection, so that you'll never feel that the table is cheating you! Nope, when you lose a ball its gonna be your fault! So, what I might call a disadvantage is that this game is not offering you more tables, but the one included sure looks fantastic as I said. And when you get tired of it, do try Pinball Illusions as well, another great quality digital pinball experience.

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