Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Simulation 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Flight Futuristic Action Adventure Fpp Sci fi

Experience the life of a Star Fleet cadet

Like many of other of Star Trek games (like Star Trek: Starfleet Command , this game puts you in the role of a simple Star Fleet cadet (the name is David Foster)and teaches you what you need to know to become the very best and one day captain of your own star ship. You start with the basics, what's what, after which you get a training in piloting and fight in a ship of your own choosing. To successfully win the game, you have to pass all of the simulated scenarios, including a very dangerous and very important mission of confronting with Khan Noonien Singh, a very important and very bad person (Trekkies might know about this from the show). Other than combat, you also have to keep your crew in check and keep the moral high enough. I think the game's best feature is the multiplayer option, that can include up to whooping 32 players, and that's where you'll find the best use for the game, if possible. I can't say the game is groundbreaking or fabulous, but it is a nice addition to an already huge amount of Star Trek themed games and fans won't be disappointed.

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