IQ Marathon

Puzzle 2002 Windows Cartoon

A marathon alright, not an IQ challenger though!

Within IQ Marathon you will be racing your cows though a number of mazes, making sure that you traverse the arrow indicators exactly as the game asks you to (if the arrow points left, you'll have to enter from right to left within that square, and so on for all the indicators, left, right, up, down). This turns the puzzles into a combination of quick and calculated reflex play, while making sure that you know how and where to head next. So, yeah, it's more of an attention paying game rather than a truly IQ challenger. With more cows on the 2D top down field, indeed, the difficulty increases, but not that much, and, at the most, IQ Marathon can be said to be a sweet little fast reflexes combined with quick thinking and looking around to find your way. But well, I guess the name of the game is more or less random so yeah, don't take that as a criticism. IQ Marathon is nevertheless just as relaxing to play as Tile Match, though sure more graphically interesting and probably more original. At any rate, if you love the little cows I guess the game has found its niche, so give it a try

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