Die Slave

Action 2001 Windows Beat em up

Expert level horizontal shooter

Die Slave is a freeware modern day vertical shooter, a hellish game in terms of difficulty level, but one that will just wrap you up so good that you will definitely want more of it! It's a 3D game, Japanese in all aspects; from the visual effects that crowd around your ship and everywhere else, so that at times you can barely see anything else than the particle effects, to the models of the ships and the enemies, everything is Japanese like and very enticing also. The game also is pretty long, and evn if you will restart levels a lot, it will still offer you lots of playtime. However, if you're serious about it, a quality joystick or thumb pad enable controller is absolutely necessary; otherwise it's just going to be extremely hard to control, as it requires twitch reflex inputs, and really great precision. Oh, did I mention that you need to become accustomed to reloading? A lot?! Yep, it is that kind of pedal to them metal kind of game, and it will surely show! So have it in your collection, it won't disappoint, if you love fast, harsh, yet games that will definitely give you a lot to look into. So have a go at it, it is sure to offer you great satisfaction.

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