Dragonball Z Millennium

Action 2000 Windows Dosbox Freeware Beat em up

Fanmade MUGEN fighter, not half bad

I honestly got a pretty low amount of patience with fanmade games, especially with fighters, as there are literally hundreds if not thousands of them, and the quality varies tremendously. There are some ok ones out there, but for the most part they're half baked ideas by teams that had the idea during an inebriated night and then found the actual work to be very time consuming. Well, on a scale form total crap to great (Street Fighter 2 Turbo levels!), well, this game here, Dragonball Z Millennium is a pretty decent, well deserved oaky game. I'll give it 3 stars. Now, I can say this pretty confidently, and do it because the game's animations are pretty well toiled over; that TV series, animated series look is quite well captured and I assume it was quite a bit of work. I don't know if the animations were produced first hand, or if they were ripped from the TV series digitally, but, they look pretty nicely. Do you remember those whirlpool scenes when the characters have at one another in these swooping, swooshing scenes? The ones that all kids were imitating? Well, that is captured in the game, along with lots of personalized movements for the host of characters. Surely, there are rougher edges, animation wise, fewer in between animated scenes, but overall it's more than playable. In fact, for a fan of the animated series I think the game will perform really really well! So, if you're a Dragonball Z aficionado, don't miss on this one. It's more than decent for a fan operation.

Fight, defeat and win… Great game

DragonBall series is one of the greatest fighting arcade games ever. In this episode - DragonBall Z Millenium – you will fight against all the bad guys like before. This great fighting game has some excellent graphics, sound quality and controls. Arcade fighting game fans who love playing DragonBall will also love playing this version. The Z Millenium has a large number of characters. You will find all the popular DragonBall character in this game. This game is developed and published by the makers of some most popular Japanese Manga series. It is a typical arcade fighting game. It has both practice and arcade mode. So you can practice before paying against the opponents. There are a lot of special moves for every player. You can use the combos to defeat the bad guys. It is a game that you will play hours after hours. This 2D game is a great entertainment with a lot of actions, moves, backdrop, custom moves, power up etc. Overall it's 5 out of 5 games. It is an awesome fighting game to play.

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