Holiday Lemmings 94

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Lemmings variant Strategic scope

Oldschool Lemmings gameplay, a snow drenched graphical theme!

This is basically a graphically updated Lemmings game, which, except for the winter celebratory clothing, keeps the recipe intact. Yes, there are a few other things added, mostly in the sense of Easter eggs and surprises, but don't expect a completely different game, gameplay wise than, say, the vanilla Lemmings 94. Levels wise the game contains the original Holiday Lemmings 1993 and also adds 32 new levels, specific to this release. The game can be played in two difficulty settings one that is a sort of normal/medium difficulty setting, and another one which is a better fit for already well oiled players, a bit harder. Still, your regular lemming collaboration based on using lemmings as signposts, and delivering the mass of lemmings at your disposal to where they are needed, safely and soundly is what the game is all about. Also, the theme of the game, the graphical theme is tastefully conveyed, with little graphical embellishments that feel great and will put you right in the holiday spirit. So, yeah, if you love Lemmings games try this one as well, it's a great game in the series, no question about it.

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