Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Cocktail Lemmings variant

The anti-Lemming

Lamers is actually sort of a parody of the famous Lemmings game. Where the Lemmings are oriented around guiding the Lemmings getting to the end of the level safely, this game requires just the opposite - you have to keep the Lamers get to the end of the levels, and you have to kill them all to win the game. How evil! And how fun! There are 10 levels, and after each level you get a password if you want to proceed the game from a certain level. You have various weapons at your disposal to take care of the Lamers, but they will rebel against you, building bridges on their own with the desire to get home and in the last level, they will even shoot back at you until you are defeated. But you can't allow that, can you? So you take them all out! The game's graphics and the little characters are also much like the original Lemmings, with similar level design. This game is immensely fun in that evil, sadistic way and you will definitely enjoy it with all your heart, much as I did. MWAHAHAHAHA!

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