Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Sales Curve Lemmings variant

A fantastic Lemmings clone with a few cool features of its own

The game Troddlers is one of the best Lemmings clones out there and besides being a clone to a fantastic game, it has enough of its own unique appeals and charms that makes it very fun to play. The game is played with you alone or a friend, and in each level you are presented with a task that has to be done in a span of just a few minutes. Mostly it's guiding the stray Troddlers to the level's exit, but there can sometimes be missions of collecting gems or killing Troddlers that have turned into zombies. There are several very good things about this game, one being the huge amount of levels - over 150 of them! Each of them is different and unique, so after a few dozen you will just be amazed at the ingenuity and amazement of what can come out of a person's mind. The graphics are very cute and extremely detailed, and the music is catchy and very likeable. Never mind with what games this one is compared to, Troddlers is nevertheless one heck of a puzzle game and all fans of the genre will probably go nuts about it. Have fun!

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