Dimo Quest

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Infernal Byte Systems Item collection Arcade style

A very good brainteaser

Dimo Quest is a fun copy of the great brainteaser game Chip's Challenge with similar plot line and similar gameplay, but has great originality in the puzzle and level design. The plot goes like this - Dimo is a frog that wants to marry the princess Dori, but to do this, he has to bring all the candy her father the king wants. To do so, he has to go through excrutiatingly hard levels full of mind breaking puzzles and literally through ice and fire. As in Chips challenge, there are no two similar levels, and the game require adjustment to each new environment and train of thought when you enter the level. The first few levels are more like a tutorial, and after that, the true game begins. The only bad thing is that there are only 51 levels and the game will be over far much sooner than you want, and the replay values is very bad since what you've seen, you've seen. There is nothing new. Bust still, for the short time the game is played, it will bring mountains of fun and enjoyment. Highly recommended!

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