Subtrade: Return to Irata

Strategy 1992 Dos Century Interactive Business

How about a Sci Fi business simulation?

Here's a cool game, and an original idea! While most economic sims have dabbled in the current economic landscape, and by that I mean the economic situation of the 90s and 80s or the economic situation of medieval times, few have ever been interested in the economics of the future! Not this one, though, this is all about the economy of a far future, where you will deal in what is that period's economic landscape, the way that has been shaped and also, in the kind of world and goods that might turn out to be. Sure, enough, it's a Sci Fi game, so expect to find some trace of resemblance to the economics of our time and the economics of a possible future. So, all things considered, Subtrade is all about economics, so don't expect a very well polished game, though it has its rather well polished blocky world, very 16 bit, rather very robotic/android/future steampunk look. Give it a try and have, for instance, something like Big Business around, just in case you want to immerse yourself in current economics. Also of note, you can play with in multiplayer against other 3 friends, so it also has that going for itself, which is good!

Manage the economy of an under the sea world!

Subtrade: Return to Irata is an economic sim, but it has some other elements there that set it apart from other sim games; that is, Subtrade: Return to Irata is a mixing bag of elements, some that will remind you of M.U.L.E. some others that are only to be found in it. Like M.U.L.E. it is built to be interacted with in phases, so you're never questioning what it is that you should be doing at any one time. That narrows your interactions quite a bit, for each phase has its own unique requirements and ways of dealing with. Other than that, the game is pretty good at letting you know what you should be doing, without taking the options away from you or being too on rails. That is because the interfaces, for the auction, for the trading, for the acquisition of buildings and so on are all neat and convey lots of info in the most useful and easy manner possible. So, yeah, M.U.L.E. fans will love it, and economic sim guys will also find it an interesting (maybe a bit on the lighter side) game, worth a go for the easy to use interfaces. As a letdown, there's no tournament option but that might not be enough to ruin it for most people.

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