Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Futuristic

Remember that Tron disk throwing game?

This is a simulation, done in nice enough pseudo 3D, third person perspective styled, of that game that was played in both Tron movies. Naturally, it resembles the Frisbee game, as the movie version did and so, if you like that idea, it might entice you as well. In terms of quality of the game, I'd say it's pretty fair; it's not as polished that you won't find fault with it, but it is good enough. Also, Disc does a great job at creating that very interesting mechanic to be found in games such as Pong where you have to control the way you throw, only that in here, you are not tying to shoot as far away from your adversary as possible, but instead, try to shoot him. Plus, the varying 3D courts, with diverse elevations will do a great job at keeping you entertained and never bored. For a game like this, a simulation of a TV fantasy sport, I'd say it manages a great job at feeling immediate and actually playable, you know, not like some game that you think is just not for you, but in truth is not for anyone. Nope, you'll connect with it.

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