Purple Saturn Day

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Epyx Futuristic

Intergalactic Olympics from California Games creators

If you've played the California Games bundle before then it should come as no surprise that this game too is about sport event minigames. The developers had a knack for such products and so, this too takes a spin on that kind of gameplay. However, this time it is all about the distant future and about minigames that, while inspired by sports of the real world, nevertheless have a spin on then that makes them a lot more enjoyable if caught from different angles. So what the bundle contains is sports similar to shooting games, slalom like games, and even a few puzzler type challenges. These will inadvertently look and feel familiar, but they have their wacky futuristic thing going on, which makes them seem a little bit different. But, the gameplay is mostly about arcade input from you (with the exception of Brain Bowler, the puzzler type game in the bundle). Overall nicely done graphically, with a great futuristic spin that is well caught in this 2D game. Try it if you love bundles of games with a twist.

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