Strategy 2001 Windows Crystal Interactive Fantasy Real time Top down

Obscure for a good reason

Any fans of real time strategy games like the Settlers might be curious to check out this Russian developed take on the genre. However, to do so would be an almost complete waste of your time as it's a pretty dire effort which simply gets almost everything wrong. You're charged with leading the people of Luzheva to their new promised land and settling them in so that they can live the tranquil, harmonious lives they deserve. Of course, things aren't going to be that simple, and the area they've chosen as their new home is filled with monsters and other assorted individuals who aren't too happy about their new neighbors. As their leader, it's your job to create for them houses and other assorted buildings, send them out to tame the land and of course defeat the bad guys while maintaining decent population levels. There are most of the usual features of such games, such as resourcing gathering, a few upgrades and so on, but for the most part this is pretty much run of the mill stuff almost entirely lacking in originality. While sometimes this doesn't overly matter, here it really hurts the game and perhaps the only real reason to play this is the sheer rarity value of it. The game does have some admittedly decent visuals which are fairly attractive, but the rest of it is so formulaic that you can almost play it in your sleep if you've played anything similar before. Click here, click there, click a bit more and you're good to go, you know the routine. Really, only look at this if you like obscure games or have to play every RTS in existence.

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