UFO: Aftermath

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Publishing Real time Science Fiction Rpg Sci fi

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X-COM Successor's Success

This game is as much a strategy game as it is horror. Aftermath was created to be a successor to the X-COM series. This is a game for people who miss X-COM, and want something more. Compared to X-COM, the graphics are upgraded, everything is 3D and the camera can be rotated and zoomed. Base building is eliminated, instead you gain bases by winning certain missions. Intercepting UFOs has been simplified and what little control the original game had was removed. Building and rebuilding interceptors is automatic. Money and economy has been totally removed. Manufacturing and salvaging at the end of missions is the only way to gain equipment. There are no scientists or technicians. Bases are tuned to “scientific” “manufacturing” or “military.” More science bases increase research rate, more manufacturing bases mean faster manufacturing of technology. Military bases are where soldiers can launch from. Soldiers are few and far between, so any deaths are keenly felt. Combat is all real time, and time freezes whenever something significant like sighting an alien, being wounded, or a death occurs. I was pretty good at X-COM, I was even able to beat it, but UFO: Aftermath is more challenging. Aftermath can be more frustrating than X-COM in some respects, and smoother in others. This is a game for strategy fans, people who want a challenge, and love to make tactical decisions. Furthermore, there are several UFO sequels to investigate when you've finished with this one.

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