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This looks familiar...

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Atrox is another one of the rash of real-time strategy games which popped up in the wake of Warcraft, Dune 2 and Command & Conquer. This one is particularly similar to the classic Starcraft but unfortunately fails to live up to that hit's legacy, despite copying almost wholesale, and ends up sitting somewhere below KKND and other such middle-of-the-road efforts. You've got three different campaigns to choose from here, one each for the three alien races included, and like other games from this genre, your basic goal is to defeat your foes in typical RTS fashion. As is usual, you'll need to build up a base, made up of various buildings with their own uses, while sending out units to gather resources in order to pay for it all. Of course, your rivals are out there too, so you'll need some heavy combat units to deal with the battles you'll inevitably face, while there are fourteen maps to duke it out over and which offer their own individual challenges. If this all sounds familiar, it's because there is absolutely nothing new here and Atrox seems perfectly content to tread old ground without offering anything in the way of innovation. Of course, if you've exhausted all the other RTSs, you might have some fun here, as what's on offer is decent enough, with a fair range of units and some tricky missions, although the narrow range of maps is likely to get old quickly. The visuals are almost an exact copy of their primary inspiration, and for most gamers this is likely to signify that this isn't worth their time.

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