Adventure 1997 Windows ASCII First person Puzzle based

A dog's life...under a cruel dictatorship!

What an amazingly weird game DogDay is! In it you will explore this postapocalyptic, or, rather, this weird parallel universe, highly based on our own world but with a lot of weird things about it. At any rate, the perspective per se is weird enough to the point that the game is strange without even trying to, as you are a dog! But, without this weird perspective you are still offered the weirdest of things in terms of world building and perspective. You are trying to frame the local dictator, Chegga, for a coalition known as C.A.T.S. Nice name, BTW! So, you will be playing the game as a first person adventure, having to realize a couple of goals in each particular level. The game, at this point and level, plays as a classic adventure, but interactions are sure something to open up your eyes as to what it means to live under a communist or totalitarian regime. Well, done, DogDay, well done! The game looks great, with lots of areas that are very gritty and very atmospheric throughout, and a lot of differences and weird construction superimposed. Play it, it's as weird as Planescape at times, though surely a different brand of game.

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