Backpacker 2

Adventure 1997 Windows BMG Interactive First person Puzzle based

Where next?

Anyone who enjoys the likes of Monopoly or Game of Life on a wet Sunday afternoon would be well advised to check out this neat little boardgame, or its predecessor, the original Backpacker. Both games offer a simple but enjoyable way to while away a few hours and make a great choice for any armchair travelers out there. This sequel is quite similar to the first game but offers enough new elements to warrant investigation even if you are an old hand. The basic goal of the game is to travel around the world quicker than your rivals, getting stamps from each country you visit and getting certificates for performing jobs. You need to earn money so you can get your next ticket onwards, while also considering accommodation and other such things. When checking into hotels, you'll get questions about the city you're in, and getting these answers right helps you to get a job, with more questions coming when you actually start work and which also help you to rack up more cash. New features here include different ways to travel, different hotel choices and the ability to buy and sell knick knacks for some extra money. Backpacker 2 certainly isn't complicated or taxing stuff, but for a computerized boardgame, it is well put together and quite a lot of fun. The rules are easy enough to learn, and moving around the board and carrying out actions is simple thanks to the nice interface. There's enough questions included to keep you going for a while, and the visuals are straightforward but certainly do the job, so if you're looking for a whistlestop tour around the world, this is a good bet.

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