The Lost Island of Alanna

Adventure 1998 Windows Coca-Cola Company First person Puzzle based

Curious Myst-style advergame

The history to this game is rather odd as it was actually given out free to purchasers of Cherry Coke back in the 1990s and while it is far from a classic, its curiosity value alone makes it worth checking out. It's a sort of spin on Myst or 7th Guest, being a fantasy adventure that involves exploration and puzzling solving and which has a pretty interesting storyline which seems to take its inspiration from the legends of Atlantis. The game starts with the discovery of a shipwreck that points to the existence of a lost civilisation but then shifts the player back in time to the land of Alanna and charges you with finding eight tablets which will reveal its secrets. Gameplay follows the format laid down by other such adventures, simply requiring players to navigate through a series of environments, collecting objects in their inventory and then making use of them to solve the various puzzles that are encountered. These are pretty standard fare to be honest, with the usual mix of inventory-based situations and other such logic-based head-scratchers. Visuals are also the same of static pictures we have seen in other such adventures, and are certainly pretty enough with some nicely detailed and picturesque environments to explore. As far as promotional games go, this is actually pretty decent. It doesn't act as a blatant commercial which is nice and the adventure itself is enjoyable enough, if a tad short-lived. The puzzles are solid, if uninspired, but provide a reasonable challenge (and are made more difficult by the fact that clues were only available in Cherry Coke bottles) so if you are a fan of Riven or Amber, this stands as an enjoyable slice of memorabilia.

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