Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge

Adventure 1998 Windows Hoffman and Associates First person Puzzle based

Good puzzles, very logical and fun

It is an adventure based puzzle game where you have an archeological dig that contains some hidden treasures that have been left by the Sumerian culture. There are several places in the dig where you will have to uncover or reveal the token of the runes. You about 24 such token and very token which will require you to go through a logical pattern puzzle which has been designed with various difficulty levels. The main screen in the game supports a map through which you can move to different puzzles or locations in the game. The gaming interface has been designed quite brilliantly as it is very simple to understand and facilities a fine gameplay. The graphics design in the game have not been top notch but still supportive towards the adventure theme that this game sets. The game also provides you an in built journal through which you can take the tips to solve different puzzles. In case you really get stuck in some puzzle or you are clueless what to do, then you have a digital professor in the game who will help you out through some very useful hints. Every puzzle has two different difficulty levels which adds replay value to the game and makes it more exciting. Those who have liked Ages of Myst like gameplay will surely love this one.

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