101 Dalmatians: Escape From DeVil Manor

Adventure 1997 Windows Disney First person Puzzle based

I am your mistress and you will obey me!

Disney works its magic once again, in this enjoyable kids adventure based on another of its enduringly popular animated movies. This one packs the expected high production values in with some enjoyable adventuring and should be part of any Disney fan's collection, alongside Aladdin and Lion King. This one is inspired by the movie rather than being based on it, and sees the player in control of a new puppy character called Patches whose job it is is to escape Cruella DeVil's manor while rescuing all the other poor puppies the evil old hag has kidnapped. The game itself is a sort of puzzle adventure, where you must explore the manor, looking for puppies, solving puzzles and playing through various mini-games and activities in order to progress. You've got a companion called Wizzer who's there to help out if you get stuck, while you can also switch perspectives in order to make exploration a bit easier and there's a selection of difficulty levels in case it all gets a bit too tough. Escape From DeVil Manor is quite a joyous little romp for younger gamers. There's enough adventuring and exploration to do to keep you playing for some time, with several different routes through the manor and plenty of areas to discover. The puzzles and other activities are clever and enjoyable to complete, and although they aren't too challenging, they are quite satisfying to play through. As you'd expect, the visuals are quite lush, a bit dark but that's expected given the movie the game is based on, and when all this is combined, you're left with a nice little experience.

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