Dogz 5

Simulation 2002 Windows Buka Entertainment Life simulation Nature simulation

Good boy!

There's a huge amount of pet simulators in this franchise, including Petz, Catz and Dogz, and there's no prizes for guessing what sort of animal this one concentrates on. Hardcore gamers are obviously likely to sniff at this one, but if you've got youngsters and are interested in introducing them to real world animals as pets, it's actually a pretty good primer. This one is quite similar to earlier installments but also introduces a number of new elements which help keep it feeling fresh. The basic concept sees the player adopting a pet dog, choosing from a number of breeds and then customizing them with a new name and suchlike. After that, it's basically your job to look after this dog, taking it for walks, petting it, buying it new toys and so on. The new features available here include the ability to birth multiple pups when your dog breeds, more breeds to choose from, more minigames and new backgrounds to play on. The graphics have also seen an overhaul, while there's also lots more costumes to buy, more toys and a day/night cycle. This is obviously aimed at a casual audience, but if you number yourself amongst that crowd and enjoy looking after virtual pets, then this does exactly what you need it to. There's a huge range of options to play around with here, so you've got a lot of lasting appeal. The visuals are also nice and sharp, with plenty of detail and lots of personality to the dogs, while the educational content is well implemented and mixed nicely with the entertainment aspects. As far as these things go, this is good stuff.

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