Dominant Species

Strategy 1998 Windows Red Storm Entertainment Real time

You will cherish this RTS

Dominant Species is a 1998 real-time strategy game set in a futuristic period, where you play as one of the Mindlord aliens. Danger is threatening your species as the humans decided to invade your world, and your mission is to fight against them. So, unlike other games, the story of Dominant Species is original. The general concept we were used to presented the aliens as the threatening race for the humans, but now, the humans are the enemies. You will find this game's engine pretty similar to Myth, but the player's freedom and flexibility is more obvious and present in Dominant Species. The interface is easy to use, and customizable in many ways. The culours that dominate the environment are green and brown, but the other background elements are very well-rendered and designed. So, the graphics are very pleasant to watch, and this area is full of consistency. I don't have any objections regarding the general presentation of this game, I can only say this game looks fantastic, and it combines perfectly the atmosphere, effects, strategy, along with the solid gameplay. If you consider yourself a genuine real-time strategy lover, you will cherish Dominant Species! So, take your time and enjoy the features this game offers!

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