Force 21

Strategy 1999 Windows Red Storm Entertainment Real time Top down

It offers a modern war experience

Force 21 is a 1999 real-time strategy game set in the year 2015, when Russia was invaded by China. You will command numerous high tech units and military vehicles (from tanks, to armored carriers and rocket launchers). After a few instructions, you will be able to get into the heavy combats fully prepared, so this game doesn't require war professionals. Force 21 is a pretty interesting game, that is worth playing if you are a RTS enthusiast. You will order your units and then you will watch the course of the fight. The interface is user-friendly, and this is game can be played in two modes: strategic and tactical, but the difference isn't too high. You will be presented a map that shows a territory you are about to attack, the enemies position and some impediments that can affect your units freedom and actions. Also, with this map you will order your troops to attack certain targets or destinations. The locations and environments where the war will take place are varied when it comes to the types of landscape. This landscape variety will influence the behaviour of your military vehicles and units. The missions are classified in campaigns, and there is also a multiplayer mode available when you finish those missions. The graphics are nice but at times, you will notice some bugs. If you want to live a modern war experience, and to become an expert when it comes to commanding on battlefield, Force 21 is the right game for you!

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