Beasts and Bumpkins

Strategy 1997 Windows Electronic Arts God game or micromanagement Real time

Classic RTS game

Real time strategy games like this one has given this genre a good amount of boom and is a still a liked category for all gamers. This game involves some very realistic features and has a very addictive and God likes style which allures gamers into playing it. Your character or hero has been made to leave his country by the king due to some reason. Now your mission is to build your own empire and to counter the Dark lord who always attacks the nearby regions. You will start with only a few peasants and then will have to increase their numbers. What you basically need to do is to build your empire by growing your community or your city. You will do different tasks at different levels and will find different article hidden at each level. The villagers in the game have a very realistic stimulation because they advance on in age through the course of the game and eventually meet their death. The whole theme in the game is quite realistic but the graphics are quite average. The game also gives you some good amount of humor and is pretty much the same as The Settlers game.

Some realistic aspects

Beasts and Bumpkins is a 1997 real-time strategy video game. It was developed by Worldweaver Ltd and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows. It is some of the greatest and most addictive 'god' style games eevr released. In the game, you, as the player, are sent into exile by the king for whatever reason. You're given a limited number of resources and a small number of peasant to begin with, but you can slowly build your own empire and later you can challenge the Dark Lord, who always seems to attack the surrounding area. The gameplay is very similar of The Settlers. The player's goal is to complete a specific task on each level, be that collect a scroll or kill a certain bad guy. The main focus of the game is building up their village and growing their community. An interesting fact that I have noticed in the game is that each villager simulates a life to death experience, meaning that they get older as the game progress and will eventually die at a certain point. This is an interesting concept and makes the game to be more realistic. The game also includes humor: all of the characters had a stereotypical English West Country accent.

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