Strategy 1998 Windows Arena Games Real time

Very good real time strategy game

it is a strategy game with a fiction theme and lots of diversity in the gameplay. te plot in the game is that three races have been living in a far off galaxy and they have settled all their differences and have destroyed their weapons for establishing peace and harmony. However the humans have now discovered that part of the galaxy and have waged war against them. Your mission in the game is to use one of the three race in the game to fight off the humans and save the races. The interesting thing in the game is the skills of the races. One of the race in intelligent and they believe themselves as God and have been involved in scientific studies. The other race is brutal and is not intelligent. They only know how to kill. The third race intelligent, merciless and unpredictable. They have been living underground and have developed themselves a lot. You also have buildings in the game and you can use them as the bases. You can do air strikes, land missions and also use naval resources to take down the enemy. It also involves three types of world. The graphics, the controls and the interface in the game is also a good one and you will like the game for all money.

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