The Adventures of Valdo & Marie

Adventure 1997 Windows UBI Soft Cartoon Medieval

Action minigames and edutainment all in one

The Adventures of Valdo & Marie is a great premise for the deliverance of some really well educational ideas. The game will teach kids about math, about geography, about logic and about physics, with cool, interactive minigames. The entire bundle is set as an overbearing adventure, which means that you as well as the characters you control, the likeable eponymous ones, will have a really great time. Discovery in this game is very interesting as the puzzles take little effort to understand, but later ones can actually take some time to solve. Also, graphically The Adventures of Valdo & Marie is very satisfying, with beautiful matte painting like backgrounds and nice animations and sounds. The catch? Not really a catch but a more skilled player might find the classic mini puzzles a bit too familiar. And that's because they actually are! Most of them are tabletop recreations, very well produced and very well delivered. Similar to Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths and just as cartoonish, Valdo and Marie will see you set on a great adventure!

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