Down Under Dan

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox PowerVision Third Person Humorous

CD Rom type adventure, very American Western like

What's a cowboy to do in modern times, when all of his esteemed values lie in an era that had oh so little to do with the modern world? Well, turns out, there are mysteries that will incite even the most redneck of the rednecks, and so, if you want to get into an adventure that puts an unlikely hero in charge go ahead! Down Under Dan is a game starts you up i9n a plane, but something happens, and you crash land. And, because you're a surviving kind, that knows how to use the lay of the land in your favor, you're gonna make it Or at least try it! Yes, it is a survival game, and, as I said, because of the rather redneck protagonist, it's got a very specific, very interesting point of view, something you'll pretty much come to hate or enjoy in the first half hour of play. Or, if you like or ignore it, the game has a lot of action and puzzle sequences that are surely worth it, as Down Under Dan is the kind of game that is meant to be, story wise, rather lightweight, but the story is by no means in that very same boat. Reminded me of Broken Sword, a similar yet much better crafted game overall, with a penchant for box and maze puzzles and lots of others. Downloand them both!

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