Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine

Puzzle 1993 Dos SEGA Tetris variant Strategy Casual

Spinoff game promoting Sonic CD; alright puzzler

This game is a simple puzzler, its main purpose and interest being to promote Sonic CD, rather than actually put the hard work into its own puzzles. But don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad game, quite on the contrary, this is a decent game that is worth playing and that is more than alright in terms of its quality. The only problem is that it is not too diverse. In it you will take some beans and push them around, trying to arrange them in the right manner (match 3 or more, basically). Yeah, it's funny the first few times around when you beat the game and Mr. Robotnik has that mad grin on his face, but after a while it gets old. I'm not sure how enticing the game would be for children, given that Sonic is no longer this new generation sensation, so, well, I guess that's it with it, it only has so much life in it. Play it though if you want a timewaster kind of game that uses an alright, colorful but sedate color scheme, and also, if, say, you're a big fan of Sonic's arch villain. Otherwise it doesn't really pack a whole bunch more.

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