Color lines

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Gamos Brainteaser Tetris variant

Underrated puzzling gem

An unusual diversion, Color Lines is one of those games that will appeal to puzzle fans who value exercising their minds rather than their trigger fingers. Hailing from Russia, like its spiritual predecessor Tetris, Color Lines shares that classic's simple approach to puzzling, requiring players to build lines of five balls, each of the same colour. Unlike Tetris, Color Lines is played against the computer, with alternating turns where each player moves one ball across a 9 x 9 grid into the desired location. Moves can only be made if there is a clear path and if a line of 5 is made, then those balls disappear, adding to the player's score and giving them another turn. If a line is not created then three new balls are added, with the game proceeding until the board is empty. It is straightforward enough to pick up and play, with simple rules, but requires advance planning and thinking to defeat a highly challenging AI. Although no one plays these games for their graphics, some effort have been made to introduce personality through the player characters which adorn the screen, while the clean, uncluttered interface and bright colours render the game visually appealing and easy to play. Like the best puzzle games, Color Lines is addictive and simple to learn, yet difficult to master and fans of Pipe Dreams or Wetrix are sure to adore it.

Colorful and addictive

This game is very simple to figure out - you have to form a line, diagonal, horizontal or vertical, of 5 balls with the same color to make it disappear. That way you make room for more lines and can get a better high score. You play against the computer, and the AI is really tough, so even though you know the basic concept of the game, you have to use some gray matter from your brain to actually win this game. I often say that simplicity leads to addictive games, and this is the perfect example. Just like Tetris or some other simple puzzle game, it's often so very simple, but you can go for hours and days before you call a break. I sometimes went to sleep with images of the game dancing before my eyes when I closed them. Simple design and layout only help. The game doesn't have a decent sound system, which is too bad, but the game doesn't need that to be good. I think this game is absolutely perfect for players of all ages!

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