Pac PC 2

Arcade 1995 Dos JROK Single screen Epic Item collection

Freeware remake of Pac Man; well done

Pac PC 2 is a remake of Pac Man, produced to take all the cool bits from Pac Man, as well as from the sequel, Ms. Pac Man. Released in 95, this is a much more advanced game, graphically, yet the gameplay style and the colors and the maze, is pretty classic. There are a few different mazes this time, and a few challenge courses, but you can also play a straightforward Pac Man game, with the original rules and design. You get pellets in the maze, which have to be eaten in their entirety for the next level to be spawned, and you also get fruit, a staple of Ms. Pac man. You also get 4 berserk pellets, neatly placed in the corners of the maze, which, once consumed allow you to eat the ghosts, which, will get respawned in the center of the maze. The graphics are not jagged, and the game can be played at diverse resolutions. Also, there is a game mode with 2 players, where you can challenge or play with someone else, and the music will be immediately familiar to anyone that has tried the original games.

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