Paganitzu 2

Arcade 1991 Dos Apogee Single screen Epic Puzzle based

Puzzle game similar to Chips Challenge

Paganitzu 2 offers a simple puzzle game in which you will play Al Smith, a cave explorer which is always caught off guard by the cave dwellers. This game is the second part in a 3 part series and in terms of its quality is comparable to the initial episode, which was released shareware, but a bit harder. Anyway, the game plays simply, by moving boulders away, by avoiding or trapping the enemies and trying to do so in as little time as possible to get more bonus points. You also have to pay attention to the monsters scattered in each level as you have a limited number of lives and once you lose them all its back to the beginning. Graphically, the game sports simple, early stage NES looking tiles and generally, while clean, the game does not explore the settings too much. This episode too has 20 levels, which become available as you solve the current one. So, for those that love cave exploration in a graphical presentation that looks at the action from above, simple but fun, Paganitzu 2 as well as the other games in the series will deliver.

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