Arcade 1993 Dos CHAMProgramming Single screen Epic Item collection

DOS recreation of the Pac Man arcade classic

You can take to the lack of any difference between the official arcade game Pac Man and this one however you see fit. It can be ok with you or it can feel like a total rip off. At any rate, Pac-Maniac doesn't want to take the high road of creativity or originality; instead it just brings forward the same ghosts, the same corner shifting ghosts to Blue so you can eat them and also, the same maze layout. Is that a game you would play? If the answer is yes, then you will be happy to know that this recreation here has a few quirks of its own, which are mainly due to the fact that game uses a simpler design layout. Nope, the game is not a 1 to 1 recreation, although it wanted to be. It only so slightly gets the game wrong, if you will and this becomes apparent later on, when you will find that there are a few distinct ways in which you can solve certain problems and certain ways in which the enemies are brought about. But, ultimately, whether you are a Pac Man fanatic or not, Pac-Maniac can be an entertaining, if not very long lived game, to try whenever you feel like playing a classic arcade title.

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