Dragon Strike

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Westwood Flight Nature simulation

Forward scrolling 2D shooter with a dragon

Forward scrolling shooters are a genre that has mostly tackled aviation or space themes, but this game changes this premise by pitting you in the saddle of a dragon. But, while the change is interesting, and adds some flavor to the recipe, there are no other original ideas there, to affect the game. Instead, you'll probably just find it more natural that your plane is shooting fire balls scattered around, given that it's a living, fire breathing dragon you're shooting with. Other than that, you'll face stock enemies, flying birds, static enemies that shoot at you and you'll also be able to pick up your regular host of power ups to better your offensive and defensive arsenal. I found the graphics to be quite nice, with lots of greens and blues, given the rather medieval or primeval setting. There are also bosses to fight at the end of each set level, with different tricks up their sleeves, but ultimately, you'll find that the game is pretty enjoyable. I definitely recommend it to those that love forward scrolling shooters that want a slight twist of theme.

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