Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Flight

a fantastic gaming expirience

It is a 3D combat simulation which apart from its action has been blended with some strategic elements and is quite competitive. The theme is a bit futuristic and is definitely for those who like such simulations. Starting with the futuristic plot, you need to destroy a laser that has been deigned to bring destruction to Earth. The laser in the game is very heavily guarded and you need to develop your fight force for destroying it. A good variety of different vehicles have been incorporated in the game and you can either control them yourself or by setting the autopilot option. Similarly it also gives you the feature of producing your own vehicles. Each vehicle is armed with a variety of weapons which you use to kill the enemies and to do away with the obstacles. Similarly you will also get a variety of power ups to keep going. You will have to gather a variety of different technologies as you play with the game because these technologies are the ultimate deciding factor for your success. The graphics in the game are absolutely perfect for those times and the gameplay is sheer fun. After going through this one, have a try at Birds of Prey which is also a good combat game.

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