Strike Base

Simulation 1996 Windows Dosbox Max Design Futuristic Strategic scope Shooter

Good graphics for a good action

What you have here is futuristic 3D space shooter game which has been mixed with a lot of action and adventure which has been implemented well in the gameplay. The game has a typical save your world theme where the aliens have invaded with their malicious intentions to take it over. You have a prototype fighter in the game which you will use against the enemies and also have four different vehicles that you can fly at the same. There are various missions in the game which have been defined in four different world of unique obstacles and enemies. All the level designs have been supported by bitmap images, novelistic 3D graphics and a very good gameplay. The user interface is controlled thorough the mouse and is very interactive and smooth. The controls also work fine and support the action perfectly. However the controls do not come to your grip easy and you have to practice them to master. The best thing about the game is that all the shooting action in it is smooth and lag free and the animations to support this action are way ahead of their time. Another game to try as a must is Incoming.

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