Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Capcom Beat em up

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A classic fighting game

Street Fighter 2 Turbo, is the very close sequel to 90's fighting game Street Fighter 2. This game is iconic in the fighting genre and coin operated arcade genre. Many teenagers took this game way too seriously back in the 90's and Street Fighter 2 Turbo, rivaled the Mortal Kombat series. There are many more characters to choose, while all the popular Street Fighter characters make their appearance with classics like Ryu, Ken, Blanka and Chun-Li. There are more moves in this version of Street Fighter 2 and is often more well known. The game is obviously a lot more faster as the title suggests. If you haven't played this for many,many years, all the music from the game and classic characters will come back to you as nostalgia. The game fighting may feel a bit stiff compared to many modern Street Fighter sequels like Street Fighter IV. My memory of this game turns out to be a bit flawed by my childhood memories, the game still does stand up to it's test of time as an arcade classic and a defining game in the fighting genre. If I was a millionaire I would definitely look into getting one of these original Street Fighter 2 Turbo arcade machines installed in my mansion as a high priority.

Game review

The reason why I am saying to download it is because I played this game along time ago on my Super Nintendo approximately 8 years ago and I sold it and I really miss this game and the quality of it especially the moves, the music and the endings. Another thing I like about this game is that it is like a story mode when you face the four bosses.

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