Valkyrie Fight

Action 2001 Windows amaginZ Beat em up Myth and legend

A charged fighter game, pretty cool and interesting

Valkyrie Fight is a fighter game that has that loaded graphics elements build, like most 2000 and more recent Japanese RPGs, fighter games and so on. But, nevertheless, you will find that what it offers is truly spectacular, mostly in the way it is produced. It's a game that knows how to keep itself interesting. At almost all times some pop up announces you about the damage you've caused and so on. It's cool, daunting and it is always exciting. Furthermore, Valkyrie Fight is a great experience, mostly in that it has that tattered feel to it, where you can't know what to expect. Something interesting is always right about the corner, in the next fight! And, speaking of fighters, Valkyrie Fight is definitely a game with loads of elements about it. It offers you great satisfaction and it will give you lots of fun times. More so, the graphics are crisp, certainly showing their age, but remember, this is 2001, and for a game of its age, it still stands tall. So, overall, have a look at it, it will definitely do a great impression on you. And download Guilty Gear XX tooguilty-gear-x2-reload#, the more polished version of it.

Fighting game with a good gameplay

This exciting action and thriller game is based on the series of Valkyrie profile whose designs are inspired from Norse myths. The animie like characters in this game are SD styled but they have many fine and varied details to them which makes this game more than an average action and fighting game. There are special attack levels which have been defined for all the characters and such levels are medium, fierce and light. The use of energy will depend on the level of attack that you execute. The most exciting feature for me in this game is the 2 players' mode where you can launch a team attack which is real fun. A diverse range of play modes which one can expect with 2D fighting games have been incorporated in this one namely Survival, VS and arcade which add a great depth to the gameplay. There is great variety of animations, special effects, combos and secrets which are needed to be explored. The game has made a good fan following and so is the case with its even superior sequel Valkyrie Fight Tag.

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