Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Enypsox enr. Platformer Puzzle based

It's Tetris time!

With a title like Drak, you might think you're getting yourself a nice little fantasy adventure and although it is true there are some fantastical elements to the game, what it actually is is another Tetris clone. It is actually worth a look though, if you are a fan of the genre, thanks to the pleasant visuals and the introduction of a couple of interesting gameplay mechanics which prevent it from being too familiar. There is some kind of background to the game, which seems to involve a fantasy world that descended into the pursuit of decadence and where a certain game became the most popular past time. This of course involves falling blocks which must be manipulated so that they form solid lines which then disappear and rack up points for the player. Things speed up the more you play, adding to the challenge, with the main goal being to complete the 100 stages which form the Challenge mode. The new elements include the occasional flying bomb along with a few other obstacles which help to keep the player on their toes. As far as Tetris clones go, this one isn't bad stuff. The setting and background detail are perhaps not really required but are quite welcome anyway and actually help to add to the game's personality quite significantly. The fantasy-style visuals are quite nice as well, further enhancing this sense of individuality and giving it a nice retro feel. The gameplay is as enthralling as ever, hypnotic and addictive, so overall if you like your puzzlers, this is one clone to check out.

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