Action 1996 Dos JJ Soft Platformer Puzzle based

Brick maze crawler, pretty hard

Troy is a sidescroller in which you have to reach a certain set of goals in each particular one screen maze. These goals are your classic up and down and left and right jump and run kind of games, and, all things considered, Troy offers a good enough mix of all of these elements, as simple and as enticing as they can get. There are lots of enemies to evade or engage, lots of gold to pick up and at times keys or some other power ups. Naturally, your love of the game has to do with minimalist games, where you basically do the same thing in slightly different scenarios, each level. Sure enough, the difficulty curve does fluctuate, but it is not your regular increase in difficulty, nope, the variety and type of challenges are more on a rollercoaster. At any rate, with cool graphics, minimalist and very DOS like, you can be sure to get a lot of your 5 minutes breaks eaten by this gem, and you should not hesitate in trying it if you like this kind of small but fun games.Alternatively, a Pac Man installation might prove more challenging, but there's something cool about one screen platformer sidescrollers too!

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