Super Sales Acer

Action 1995 Windows Mike Brent Platformer Puzzle based

Dire, dire, dire

If you love your games obscure, ugly and homemade, then Super Sales Acer is going to be right up your street. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, those who like playing decent games at any rate, then this is one of those titles which just makes you question the motives behind its creation and wonder at the sanity of the developer. Super Sales Acer is some kind of platformer where the player takes control of a briefcase-wielding saleman who must navigate his way through a series of 2D single screen levels and where the seeming point of the game is to jump on a series of green boxes in order to progress to the next level. Quite why this is necessary is not exactly clear, but it must have seemed like a good idea to the creator at the time, although it's probable he is now wondering why he did it. There are a few random enemies dotted about, including things which look like they are supposed to be spiders, although as with anything in this game, it's hard to be certain. Things start out simple but get a little more complicated with the addition of moving platforms but to be honest, even these are not enough to save this from being played only by people who truly enjoy awful games. Visually, Super Sales Acer has to be one of the ugliest games ever created, with a truly hideous main character, vile colours and some appalling animation which is crude enough to shame a three year old. Likewise, level design is poor and uninventive, with little to hold anyone's interest so unless you really do want to throw away what little time you have on this Earth on a dire game with no redeeming features, play just about anything other than this.

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