Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Adventure 2002 Windows Aspyr Media Third Person Puzzle based

I had fun withit, therefore, kids will love it!

There are lots of not that good Harry Potter inspired games out there. Not this one though; this is an action adventure following the same plot of the books and the movies, with great depth and ease of use as well, and, most of all, with a great overall production value to it. There are games out there that only manage to get only so few things done as they should, but, some other manage to keep all of their elements in check. I'd say this is such one of them. Because, then all things are said and done, this one will really have entertained you a lot. It's got great acting in it, the sets are beautiful, the puzzles are great as well and perfectly balanced for children or for the lovers of the Harry Potter universe, and, most of all, it's got that beautiful, well rounded build, it makes you feel you're there. Sure, it's not immersive as in free roaming immersive, this is after all a classic level based game, but it manages a great job, which is something that not all of the titles of the series have been known for. But, with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it makes a great treat for any dedicated fans of the series.

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