Prince of Persia 3D

Action 1999 Windows Red Orb Entertainment Oriental 3D action adventure 3D

The Dreamcast Arabian Nights, now for the PC, with less bugs!

Prince of Persia 3D is a game that was originally designed for the Dreamcast, where it was an ambitious game, though one pretty much riddles by control and camera issues. At any rate, jump a bit in time, allow Red Orbit to be bought by The Learning Company, work a little on fixing the basics and port the game for the Windows environment, and this is what you get: a Prince of Persia game that stands pretty tall in comparison to the Ubisoft series though never really got that good. What Sand of Time will come to do better, at a higher level, Prince of Persia 3D did just alright; there are wall jumps, there are puzzles to solve, there are spikes to avoid and all of that, but, as I said, in a more constrained type deal, in a less engaging envelope. Certainly though, if, for some reason you want a more grounded Prince of Persia in 3D, this one can really do the job well enough, plus it doesn't look half bad. So yeah, for acrobatics fans and for sword and melee fight lovers, this can be as good as any other era third person, an adventure that won't let you down.

A new episode of Prince, in 3D

Although PoP 3D is the third game in the Prince saga, it has no connection neither to the second nor to Sands of Time. We get a different story, where The Prince and Sultan of Persia visit Assan, the Sultan's brothers (and the antagonist). In a turn of events, the sultan is killed and The Prince is thrown in the dungeons. I won't tell more than that because I don't want to give away the story too much. The gameplay is similar in later games in the series, with platforming, but unfortunately no wallrunning and things like that. The health system is similar like in the previous two games.

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