Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Gangster Car and action 3D action adventure

Memorable and extremely fun

GTA San Andreas is an ambitious and successful project that will captivate you every second, with the unlimited and innovative possibilies of gameplay. It comes after GTA Vice City, but contains a larger amount of variety and style. It was published in 2004 by Rockstar Games, one of my favorites videogame company. I strongly believe this game is the best of the series, and there are no words to describe my love for it, but I will try to find them in this review. You will meet a lot of characters elaborately portrayed and I was impressed by their terrific acting. Among the well-known actors are: Samuel L. Jackson, David Cross, Peter Fonda, Ice T, James Woods. I remember the crazy Catalina, who added an extra flavour to the game. Oh, and how I laughed everytime she entered the scene. The game begins and drops you in Los Santos, and from here, you will write history. The first missions are based on reconquering your popularity, that is threatened by a rival gang in your city. You are introduced to your gang, your hood, to various places like the barber's shop, gym, fast-foods, shops, and so forth. You can gain or lose weight, stay in shape, or change your outfit and appearance whenever and any way you want, a feature unavailable in the previous series. Your physical state will influence the performance during missions, and the completion of them will increase your respect in the hood. The good part is that, unlike GTA Vice City, the objectives are less annoying, because you are kept aware of what you are supposed to do. Beside missions, there are bonus challenges that can be completed in order to improve your skills and image in the neighbourhoods. A wide variety of vehicles (boats, bikes, cars, airplanes, motorcycles) and weapons await to be used or...stolen. The city map is larger, also containing San Fierro and Las Venturas, has unique panoramas and recreates perfectly the real image of the world. New radio stations are added, and this game made me discover the old school hip-hop, which is one of my favorite music genres. You will also enjoy other radio stations, that make your journeys more appealing. There are a lot more exciting things to say, but I will stop here, letting you discover them. This game is in my top favorites, and it deserves to be called memorable and also a legend. Don't miss the thrilling and insanely fun experience!

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