GTA 3: Grand Theft Auto 3

Action 2001 Windows 1C Company Gangster Car and action Unconventional

Notoriously Fun

This game is as infamous as it is fun to play. GTA III launched notorious campaigns by infuriated parents and court cases about restricting the sale of violent video games to kids. You know you're a success when there are laws created because of what you did! The game play formula of stealing random cars, exploring an open city, and earning money through less than legal means, remains the same. The perspective is the biggest change. Instead of a completely top-down view with sprite based graphics, the graphics engine is completely 3D, with an over the shoulder camera. The vehicular violence from the previous entries in the series takes an up close seat with a more personal impact. And it's more fun that way. These are the things that other games never let us do, and we delight in it. There are cheat codes, like the previous games, to magnify the mayhem with invincibility, weapons, and special vehicles. Whenever the thrill runs down, the actual game is more fun the previous entries. This time you're not just a nameless face. There's more of a story since you see a face and have a relatable protagonist. You can run this game for hours, playing it, or not. There's few games that can make that claim.

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