Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Action 2002 Windows 1C Company Gangster Car and action 3D action adventure

GTA 1980

Grand Theft Auto III was iconic, but it was no Vice City. Vice City is a tribute, one big love letter to the 1980s, my favorite decade for cars, music, and movies. My favorite part of GTA III was the 80's music station, now they're all 80s stations! Vice City introduces motorbikes, something fans noticed were missing from GTA III, since they were included in previous games. Vice City is also a stand alone game with its own story, you don't need GTA III to understand or appreciate it. Vice City stars the voice of Ray Liotta, one of the more iconic mobsters of the 1980s after starring in movies like Goodfellas. Like other Grand Theft Auto games, you never really have to follow the plot, there's plenty to do outside of the main game, like stealing an ambulance and pretending to be a paramedic, hijacking a police car and being a vigilante, carjacking a fire truck and using the turret to put out fires. Completing all the side missions improves your character's strength, armor, or other qualities. Exploring nooks and alley ways of the city might reveal Rampage tokens which give you a weapon and a time limit to deal a certain amount of damage. If you've never played a Grand Theft Auto game before, every criminal act, if you're caught, increases your wanted level and the police will be after you. If your wanted level gets so high, the FBI and national guard come out to hunt you down, calling in tanks or police helicopters with spotlights, and the game becomes an emulation of cops and robbers, or the movie Heat. There's so much to do in this game, it will last anyone for a long time.

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