Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Action 2005 Windows Capcom Gangster Car and action 3D action adventure

A decent episode of GTA

This is not as meaty as some other GTA games out there, but nonetheless, it will please a fan of the franchise. Gameplay style it is delivered as a classic GTA game. It thus offers you a lot of mission based content, it offers you quit a bit of variety in terms of the areas and the way the missions that you will be setting to uncover. However, the free roaming missions are much less diverse. And by missions I mean the kind of shenanigans that one could feel compelled to try outside of the actual missions, you know blowing stuff up, aggravating the police until you reach ungodly levels of wantedness! Hehe! Well, so it's a bit on the lite side in term of content and maybe appeal, but surely it is not a bad looking game. In terms of graphics it's an alright 3D game, of the San Andreas graphical quality. Play it if you are looking for a bit more of the same, some more things to do in San Andreas, without expecting a lot of diversity or a lot of motivations to push forward. Yeah, more of a hardcore fan type of deal, for those that got to try them all.

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